This book of essays arose out of the need to have examples of standard four or five-paragraph essays available for English as a second language learners studying academic English in Canada. In my experience, students need practice with standard essay format through a multitude of examples before they can produce their own work. A textbook for this, however, was difficult to find. Authentic essays do not necessarily follow the standard format that students learn in writing classes. Since most of my students are international students new to Canada, Canadian content was included to spark their interest and build their world knowledge. All of the essays are followed with comprehension, vocabulary, academic writing, and contextualized grammar questions. The sources used for the essays range from books and journals to organizational and governmental websites. The book is divided into six chapters based on essay genres: argument, description, compare and contrast, classification, cause and effect, and process. STEM, here, refers to the topics used in the essays.


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