H5P activities list

This book includes 900 H5P activities. Only those which have been inserted into book content will be included if the book is cloned.

ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
63Dialog cardDialog Cards
64Dialog cardDialog Cards
65Dialog cardDialog Cards
66Comp Q 1Multiple Choice
67Comp Q 2Multiple Choice
68Comp Q3Multiple Choice
69Comp Q 4Multiple Choice
70Comp Q 4Multiple Choice
71True False 1True/False Question
72True False 2True/False Question
73True False 3True/False Question
75Mark Q1Mark the Words
76Mark 2Mark the Words
77Drag 1Drag Text
79Vocabulary MC 1Multiple Choice
80Vocabulary MC2Multiple Choice
81MC Q3Multiple Choice
82Vocabulary MC4Multiple Choice
83Word searchFind The Words
84Guess the word 1Guess the Answer
1 2 3 4 5 6 45